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Move-Out Notice

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Download a copy of our Move-Out Notice Form or fill out the move out notice online form below.

INTENT TO MOVE OUT. I wish to terminate the Self Storage Rental Agreement on the space(s) on or before the date stated below. On the day I move out I will remove all items from my unit(s) and leave the unit(s) “broom clean”. I agree that all items left behind after the date of move out noted below may be considered abandoned, and that I may be held responsible for all costs associated with the unit’s clean-up and disposal of any items left behind. I will return the lock and 3 keys to the office and provide EZ Mini Storage with my correct mailing address so that EZ Mini Storage can mail a refund check for any monies which are refundable.

10-DAYS NOTICE REQUIRED. In order to terminate the Rental Agreement, I understand I must give 10 days written notice. The 10 days will be before the end of any paid period. I may prorate only the first 5 days of a month

REFUNDS. I hereby request that any refunds to which I am entitled be mailed to me at the address stated below. I understand that any refunds shall be in accordance with refund rules contained in the Rental Agreement.

Tenant's Space Number:
Tenant's Name:
Date of Intended Move-Out:
Tenant's E-mail Address:
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Tenant's Current Phone Number:

Reason for Vacating:

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